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  Meizhou GuanHong Plastics Manufacturing Co, Ltd, located in Meizhou, is a famous cultural city of Guangdong province and hometown of Chinese famous general Ye Jianying. The Company is in the new high technology zone-- Shejiang Industry Zone D5, Meizhou, Guangdong province. The factory covers an area of over 20000 square meters with the manufacturing workshop of 20000 square meters. It brings in the most advanced automatic high-temperature double sided coater, accurate glitter chip section cutter, laser film pressing machine, vacuum aluminium plating machine, compound machine and other production equipments, manufacturing various series of industrious bullion, color film, laser film, holoshade glitter power, rainbow glitter power, aluminum glitter power, and all kinds of standard tetragon, hexagon, rectangle, pentagrams of different shapes of paillette and spangle, to offer our customers the best quality of high temperature modification、acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, and injected glitter chips. 
  We always stick to the principle of offering our customers best quality, reasonable price, efficient after-sale service, flexible management, complete specification and perfect technology consultation, which makes us to be the best cooperating partner of relevant industries, such as Christmas decoration, garment printing, leather products, cosmetic, screen printing, glass craftwork, jewelry craftwork, painting upholster, new year painting, Buddha articles and plastic products. GuanHong would like to cooperate with all chemical enterprises and customers around the world to create glory together.





  D5 High-tech deue lopmenl district shejiang Meizhou Guangdong



  珠光业务/LocalDEP:Tel:(86)753-2486777        Fax:(86)753-2486444

  金葱业务/LocalDEP:Tel:(86)753-2486333        Fax:(86)753-2486222

  国际业务/IMP.&EXP.DEP:Tel:(86)753-2486111 Fax:(86)753-2486000

  Http://www.mzguanhong.com              E-mail:huainian@vip.qq.com


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